Isomasters cold rooms are a handy modular construction system that allows you to assemble a professional cold room or freezer room quickly and easily. A necessary solution for storing perishable goods.

What are the cold store panels made of?

The cold stores in our range consist of insulated sandwich panels. These are assembled in our production zone from two flat steel sheets between which we inject polyurethane foam (PUR).

During the production process, we also add the locking systems that are typical of isomasters cold room panels. The locking systems allow you to hermetically connect the panels to each other. Moreover, we finish the panels with a tongue and groove, so cold bridges do not stand a chance.

Isomasters cold rooms are modular and demountable

The closure systems in the isomasters cooling panels also make the cold rooms modular and demountable. This allows you to easily extend your cold room by multiples of 30cm. The locking system also makes it easy to detach the cooling cell panels and reassemble them elsewhere.

Two types of isomasters cold stores

Below you will discover the two different types of cold room panels in the isomasters range.

Unlike the Modular cold room panels, for Minibox panels we already work in the horizontal corner connection profiles during the production process. This shortens the assembly process considerably! The Modular cold rooms, on the other hand, are perfect for larger rooms and cold rooms with specific needs in terms of doors, for example.