Privacy statement

Version from 30/09/2018

As a client, you provide us with personal details. Because you want to order something from us via the isomasters customer portal and isomasters needs your details to complete this order. If you have any questions about why we request these details and what we then do with them, the information below will hopefully answer your questions. Should you still have any questions or comments, we ask you to contact our team directly via or on telephone number +32 (0) 56 71 04 94.

Safety first
The personal data that you provide isomasters with is kept under lock and key. This means that anyone who doesn’t have any business with your data is not able to consult or use it. If we transfer your data to third parties—read below about when and why we do this—we keep you informed about it here. We also require these third parties to be just as cautious with your data as we are ourselves, and demand that they only use your data for the purpose for which they have received it. If you notice that this has not happened in line with agreements, please send an email to or call us on telephone number +32 (0) 56 71 04 94.

isomasters uses details collected via our web shop to optimise your shopping experience. As such, our web shop remembers your most recent orders so that you can place them once again with a simple click. We also use the information about the articles that interest you to offer you suggestions. For this, we use data about earlier orders, your IP address, and browsing and searching behaviour that is recorded in cookies. See below to learn more about cookies.

Use of your personal data

In order to efficiently execute an order, we need a number of personal details such as your name, your address (delivery and invoicing address), your email address (for confirmation emails, but also to be able to log into the customer portal) and your payment details (the order is only confirmed after payment). These details therefore serve to ensure the order is delivered correctly and on time, but also to keep you informed about the status of the order. We give your details to the delivery service so that they can deliver your order to the right address on time. We require this delivery service to be just as careful with your details as we are at isomasters

My account
Under ‘My account’, we record your name, standard invoicing and delivery addresses, telephone number, email address and standard payment details. This means that you don’t need to enter these details every time you place an order. The isomasters web shop also remembers information about previous orders so that you’re able to make them again at later times with a simple click.

You can easily subscribe to or unsubscribe from our newsletter via the customer portal. The isomasters newsletter keeps you informed of offers, promotions and product news.

Just as important: what don’t we do with your data? 
isomasters will never sell your details or data to third parties.

What if there are errors in your details? 
As a client, you have the right, at any time, to adjust your details or to have them completely removed from our files. We commit to making changes to your details within 48 hours and to completely remove them within 10 working days. A removal from our customer files means that you will no longer be able to log in to our customer portal and that you will no longer be able to place any orders with isomasters
Let us know us any changes you would like made via Requests for the removal of your customer details can also be made through the same email address.

Responsible data processing
isomasters, located at Pontstraat 80, Waregem Zone 11B, 8791 Beveren-Leie in Belgium, is responsible for the processing of your data, and does this in line with European privacy legislation and as described in the Privacy statement.
This applies for our website as well as the isomasters customer portal.
The isomasters customer portal (and general website) make use of cookies. Because we want to completely guarantee your privacy and maintain optimal user-friendliness of our website and customer portal at the same time, we choose to use cookies.

What are cookies?
Cookies are short and simple text files that computers, smartphones and tablets automatically save when you use the isomasters website and customer portal. Cookies are created when a user loads a particular website. The website sends information to the browser that, in turn, creates a text file. Every time a user loads the same website, the browser recovers this text file and sends it to the website server. The website then recognises the user and their experience of the website can be improved because the website can provide better, personalised services. Through the use of cookies, your device remembers, for example, your choice of language or which articles you found interesting.
isomasters is not the only supplier that uses cookies to improve the online experience of its clients; in fact, almost every supplier in the world of e-commerce uses them. Through the use of cookies, isomasters can optimise your buying experience by keeping browsing and ordering our products pleasant and simple. This enables us to make your personal details appear so that you don’t have to re-enter them over and over again. We also know which device and which browser you have used to visit our website and web shop. We can use this information to, for example, improve the mobile version of our website and customer portal.

Which cookies does isomasters use? 
As already stated, the isomasters customer portal uses cookies to keep the functionality of the web shop optimised and to analyse user data. We do this so that, for example, you do not always have to fill in your details.

Session cookies
Session cookies are used by the server to save information about the use of the web pages by the website visitor. An anonymous identifier is added in a coded manner to the session cookies but contains no unencoded personal information. The session cookies are saved in the temporary memory and are removed when the user closes the browser.

Authentication cookies
Authentication cookies contain complex coded identifiers with information about the user of the customer portal. The expiry of this type of cookie depends on the ‘Remember me’ option that can be selected on the login page. If this option is not ticked, the authentication cookie is removed when the user closes the browser. If the user does tick this option, the authentication cookie expires after 30 days.

Anti-fraud cookies
This type of cookie is used to battle CSRF or Cross-Site Request Forgery. It enables the customer portal to guarantee that the user of the customer portal is effectively the one who is visiting the page and that no one else can falsify a link and activate it through a recognised user.

Last-seen-product cookies 
This sort of cookie is used to save information about the products the user viewed last; they are then shown at the bottom of the product pages.

Cookies from third parties? 
isomasters uses Google Analytics to analyse use of the customer portal and to further optimise your user experience. We have chosen not to share our data with Google. You can read about the way in which Google uses data with the Google Signature sites or apps in the Google Privacy and Conditions pages.

Turning off or removing cookies 
You can turn off cookies from specific parties via
You can also delete cookies from your browser:
 You can always find the most recent version of our privacy statement in the customer portal. You can also be sure that changes to the way in which we process your data or how we use cookies will always be included in our Privacy statement. Furthermore, we will always implement the latest regulations on privacy and protection of data and details.