As the European market leader, we have developed a stronger, more modern and more durable floor in collaboration with Unilin. The new DuraFloor® floor is a 10mm compact density fibreboard with a wear-resistant (AC4) anti-slip (R10) top layer. The combination of these two layers is completely new and exclusively developed for isomasters.

As of today, all quotations and orders will gradually be transferred to the new DuraFloor®. At the beginning of September, every new project will receive the new DuraFloor®. This changeover will take place automatically and without extra costs.

The new 10mm DuraFloor® is:
  • Particularly strong: with a density of over 1000kg/m³
  • Light, fresh and modern in appearance
  • More hygienic due to its flat surface. No more dirt getting stuck in the hexa relief!
  • More sustainable: DuraFloor® consists of 100% recycled wood, specifically pre-consumer wood from residual flows from the wood industry or thinnings from sustainable forestry and roadside maintenance
  • Recyclable: 3 to 4% recyclate is already being processed. We work together with Unilin to further increase the percentage of recyclate
  • Always available. The wood used is mainly of Belgian origin, so there is less risk of stock-outs. The previous plywood floor consisted mainly of birch wood, which is usually of Russian origin. Moreover, birch is felled faster than it can grow back. Isomasters responds pro-actively to this with the innovative DuraFloor® flooring solution
Curious about the technical data of the new floor? Download the technical datasheet here.

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-> Order your make-to-order cold room with the new DuraFloor®
-> Order you cold room from stock with the new DuraFloor®
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