I won more projects due to the isomasters Cold Room Configurator!

"I'm very enthusiastic about the isomasters Cold Room
Configurator and use it at least several times a week. The online sales tool allows me to exchange information very quickly with my client.

I really like the fact that with the isomasters Cold Room
Configurator I can immediately calculate the price of a specific cold room design. I can even do this while the client is sitting
next to me. If he asks me for a price, I can tell him just 3 minutes later!

In addition, the attractive 3D visualisation immediately gives the client a good picture of what his cold room will look like. Because you can switch the inside and outside of the cell on and off, it
gives the client a clear picture of what space is left next to the
door for racks, for example. This helps us to give our clients even better advice, which is highly appreciated and allows us to
bring in more projects."
René de Rooij
RdR Koeltechniek B.V. 

Getting started ?

Discover the different possibilities in the configurator to compose the perfect custom-made cold room. Moreover, you will immediately receive a visualisation of the cold room with the correct price. So quickly configure your desired cold room and send the offer immediately!
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