Cold room prices immediately available via the configurator!

"When I meet new potential customers, I sometimes promise
them that they can expect a quote for their project that day. With
this handy tool it's very easy: I just enter everything online and
I immediately see the cold room prices. As a result, I no
longer have to calculate everything myself manually using the
catalogue, which saves me a lot of time!

What's more, this tool also allows me to include a 3D
visualisation with my quote. Handy, because customers like to
see their project come to life in 3D and see all sides of it (inside, outside, turning the cell...).

In conclusion: the isomasters cold room configurator makes it
easier for me when I promise customers that they will get a
quotation within hours. The tool saves me a lot of time and helps me convince new customers because of the attractive 3D

Eric Steenbergen
Steenbergen Eric BVBA 

Do you also want to save time ?

Receive a visualisation and cost estimate of your cold room in just three minutes via the configurator. In this way, you can send your offer to your customer even faster. So try out this convenient online tool quickly!
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